About our company

Who we are

Blueorchid Co.,Ltd. established in 1994, is well-known as a big and reliable Thai orchid cut-flower exporter in Thailand, operating with orchid cut-flower business with high reputation of various top quality orchid varieties for over twenty years.

“Our reputation was built and spread by our signature dyed-blue orchids flowers.”

Our orchid export company which is founded and managed by a generation with handful experience and knowledge on farming and exporting of freshly cut orchids and foliage.

Our keys to satisfy our customers.

  1. Quality orchids.
  2. Competitive price.
  3. Reliability.

Our Products


We offer variety of Dendrobium, including, Bom (Sonia), White, Green as well as many other types.


Variety of colors of Vanda are available through out all year long,

Dyed Dendrobium

One of our specialty is dyded Dendrobium in various colors, for example, blue, orange, yellow, and red.

Other Varieties

Other orchid species including Oncidium, James, Gold Star and more can be supplied.


Different types of Mokara are available for our customers through out the year.

Other Products

Our orchid and foliage package products include bouquets, leis, and loose blooms.

Blueorchid supplies quality and freshly cut orchids to all over the world.

Why work with us


Carefully selected and packed orchids.

We have our unique recipe way to assure the quality of the orchids remain alive and fresh during the transportation. Our customers will receive satisfying products.


Competitive price

for our special customers overseas. We offer competitive prices for you so that you can be competitive in the markets.

Reliable Company.

Prompt communication and action

for all of our valuable clients in order to assure that your demands are best met through out the process of ordering and shipping.