1. Transporting from farms

Orchids are freshly cut and delivered at our packing factory by our own trucks equipped with cooling systems to assure that our products remain fresh and in good shapes.

2. Selecting and categorizing

After arrival at the factory, our staffs carefully screen for pests or insects for removals and select only fine quality orchids. Orchids will also categorized into different sizes.

3. Nurturing and drying

We nurture the cut orchids with our own unqiue way, and dry them in order to get rid of moisture which could cause damage during the shipment.

4. Adding sustaining tubes

Our staffs cut the stems once again to make sure all the cells to absorb the water and orchid food remain alive and fresh. Then we add orchid-sustaining tube in each stem.

5. Drying in a cooler room

Once again we dry the orchids in the packing room to remove all the moisture. Then we prepare them for shipping by packing them in plastic bags.

6. Packing

We carefully pack bags of orchids in different standard sizes of boxes.